Transformation Tuesday – 4/21/15


How can seeing an orthodontic specialist save you money? We know the choice you make for you or your family is a big one. It is an investment of time and money and a one-time shot at a beautiful smile result.

Our orthodontists each have specialty training that allows the majority of our patients to benefit from having only one phase of treatment. In fact, we find that following our patients through our free growth and guidance program allows us to perfectly time treatment and get the same result often without “interceptive” or early treatment.

While there are a few cases where early treatment is ideal, over 95% of our patients only need braces one time. Not two phases, not re-treatment. Once. This means thousands of dollars, hours of appointment time and months of time in braces saved.

We know you want to make the best decision for you and your family so we never charge for our initial exams and no referral is necessary to receive the opinion of our board certified orthodontists. We welcome your family to ours!

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